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Tensile Testing Machine-Know Its Benefits And Calibration

Tensile Machine Calibration and Tensile Testing and Calibration

Also known as universal testing machines, these tensile testing machines are configured to test the mechanical strength you can carry out on the material.

These testers help measure its unique characteristics such as definitive tensile strength, yield strength, highest elongation and reduction and modulus. Every tensile test machine is configured according to your testing requirements with the appropriate controller, grips and required accessories.

The benefits of  Tensile Testing Machine Calibration

Tensile tester machines provide data on the safety and integrity of materials, elements and those products that in reality help manufacturers assure their end products are apt and fabricated to superior quality.
These data provided through a tensile test is utilized in numerous methods that include:

  • Discovering batch quality
  • Discovering continuity in manufacture
  • Assistance in the design process
  • Lower material rates and acquire inclined manufacturing targets
  • Assured compliance according to international and industry standards.
  • Tensile Tester Machine Calibration

Calibrating a tensile testing machine is extremely crucial and very advantageous. It reduces doubts about the test results by assuring the accuracy of the machine. These machines are used by many companies to mainly authenticate the material properties of their product in the quality control stage prior to distribution.

Hence, it is vital to maintain a calibration schedule in advance to reduce the possibilities of manufacturing errors in a company. As you know inaccurate results lead to inaccurate conclusions of a material test in R&D labs deforming planned results.

Not only do calibration services aid in boosting the performance and work efficiency of the machines that diminish over a period of time. Similarly, repair and maintenance costs of these machines are also lowered. Due to proper calibration done, there are minimum chances of malfunctions and repairs needed in these machines.

We recommend you to get your tensile testing machine Calibration regularly from NABL accredited labs such as Prism Calibration Center for qualitative results.

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