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When is the right time to get your Torque Wrench Calibrated?

Torque Wrench Calibration Service and Torque Wrench Supplier

To know, a torque wrench is simple but crucial equipment found in garages, aviation and several industries that engine builders and race teams also use. Mostly, a torque wrench is useful in measuring both tension and nuts and bolts twists, checking if they are adequately tight but not over-tightened.

A torque wrench looks similar to a long-armed wrench that efficiently bends when a turning force is applied to the handle. This handle has a mechanical indicator inside connected to a calibrated scale. To reach the preferred torque, simply stop twisting the bolt once the indicator finds it out. Similar to any other measuring instrument, precise calibration of a torque wrench is necessary to provide exact results.

Why torque wrench calibration?

Torque wrench requires calibration regularly, since using them causes losing their setting points and accuracy. Calibrating mainly depends on its use and the environment it is subjected to. A torque wrench’s works best up to minimum 5000 cycles or 6 months.

Right time for torque wrench calibration

However, many factors affect in reducing their performance like:

  • Access dust causing wear and tear
  • Damage is caused by utilizing torque wrench to loosen different fasteners
  • Tool is frequently dropped
  • Repairs done or inadequately handled
  • Torque wrench subjected to any overload.

Considering all the factors above, it is recommended getting torque wrench calibration from NABL accredited labs like Prism Calibration Center particularly if the torque wrench is excessively off the mark. Just make sure the services you use from NABL calibration labs are accredited for assured reliable and accurate results.


Though calibration is a lengthy process, some NABL accredited labs are equipped with exceptional devices making the calibration process simple and rapid. Schedule your calibration regularly to eradicate flaws and maintain the wrench working at its best.

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