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Type of Electrical Instruments and Their Uses

Electrical Instruments Calibration and Electrical Instrument Supplier

List of Electrical Instruments calibration and their uses

1. Ampere meter- Electrical Instruments
Used to measure electric power in circuits, they measure electricity and inform if a circuit is working appropriately and if it is using the right voltage.

2. Calibrator
A device is used to adjust accuracy in several meters, testers, sensors, instruments, etc of all sorts and calibrate them to meet the accurate specifications required.

3. Counter/Timer
They are used to measure and display time intervals, and count a specific event or process completed similar to a clock signal mainly used in electronics.

4. Digital energy meter – Electrical Instruments
An important device that is compatible with consuming commercial energy distributed, it allows efficient pricing of energy consumption by an individual or a business consumer.

5. Digital temperature controller
Mainly used in electronics, instrumentation and control automation to measure and control temperatures in devices, it is also used in homes and in industrial applications.

6. Electrical tester
Used to check AC and DC voltage, amperage, basic circuit continuity, open and short circuits, and polarity, they are designed to test and measure the electrical conditions.

7. Metal detector
Detects the presence of metals around and is used for security screenings at airports, courts and prisons to detect the concealed metal weapons on an individual’s body.

8. Ohmmeter – Electrical Instruments
Used to measure the resistance of circuit components or to check a complete circuit, Mega Ohmmeter measures higher resistance values and Milli Ohmmeter measures lower resistance.

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